Vijay Devarakonda Biography/Wiki, Age, Family, Career & more

Vijay Devarakonda Biography

Legends say, it doesn’t take long to change your luck, just you should be ready, Vijay Devarkonda has shown this by proving something similar.

There was a time when Vijay did not have the money to rent his room but today he has made his home in the hearts of millions of fans.

Vijay has different thinking about his fans than other actors, he likes to call his fans as Rowades.

We are going to know many more interesting things like this and the story of the struggle of Vijay Devarkonda in this blog.

Friends story began on May 9, 1989, when Vijay Devarakonda was born in the house of Devarkonda Govardhan Rao in Hyderabad. His mother’s name is Devarkonda Madhavi.

Vijay’s mother owns Speaksee in Hyderabad, and her father is a television director.

Vijay stayed away from his parents since childhood as he was educated up to 10th standard from a boarding school.

However, Vijay considers his boarding school days to be the most important days of his life as he learned to live a deciplined life.

Vijay Devarakonda Biography

At that time he did not have any facility of things like television and cell phones, so he spent most of his time in reading newspapers and books and playing sports.

After completing his 10th standard from boarding school, Vijay came back to Hyderabad and enrolled in Little Flower Junior College. And after that he completed his graduation from Badruka College of Commerce.

Once in his college days, when his father told him that why are you wasting my money sitting at home, Vijay angrily told his father that if I have more money then I will get admission in New York Acting School Why not get it done.

Vijay was angry at this point but his father took it seriously and because his father was a writer in the film industry, he discovered a theater group through his contact.

And told Vijay that I cannot send you to New York Acting School but if you want to act then you can join this theater group.

Vijay followed his father and he joined that theater, along with his college, Vijay used to go to the theater to learn acting and that’s where Vijay’s acting career began.

Vijay practiced in that theater for about 3 months and after that he also acted in some plays in Hyderabad.

 Vijay had learned acting but was yet to get work in films, for which he joined the Ingenium Dramatization Auditorium Organization.

He got a chance to debut in his first film, Nuvvila in 2011. When he got this role, he felt that now he will get work in films easily but nothing like this happened.

Vijay Devarakonda Wiki

After Nuvvila, it took Vijay 4 years to work in the next film. Vijay says that this was the most difficult time of his acting career. Even once he started thinking about another career.

But the 2015 film Yevade Subramaniam in which Vijay played the role of a supporting actor. And this film started to brighten Vijay’s acting career.

Even Vijay was given the Arjun Reddy movie by director Sandeep only after watching Yevde Subramaniam.

After Yevde Subramaniam, he was a big hit of many films but some flops released in 2017, namely Arjun Reddy. This movie was not only a life changing movie for Vijay but also broke a lot of records.

Vijay Devarakonda Biography/Wiki

However, while doing this movie, Vijay faced a lot of problems like he did not smoke cigarettes but to do this movie he taught him to smoke cigarettes.

And when Karan Johar prepared the Hindi version of this movie, the movie proved to be a blockbuster movie not only of South Cinema but also of Indian cinema.

For the Hindi version of this movie, Vijay was first approached, but Vijay was not interested in it, due to which the movie was offered to Shahid Kapoor.

It was the time when Vijay was upset because of not getting movies and now his fan following had reached to Bollywood

Vijay also received the Filmfare Award for the film Arjun Reddy, which is a big achievement for any actor.

Vijay Devarakonda Age, Family, wiki

But Vijay’s mindset is of a different level, he sold this award to the auction in return he got 25 lakh rupees, which he donated to CM Relief Fund.

And Vijay said that the award does not matter so much to me but aknowledgement of fans and jury members is enough.

He said that instead of keeping it at home like a show piece, he would prefer to do it if he could help someone.

And so many acts that make Vijay stand apart from other actors like once he drove an ice cream truck all over Hyderabad on his birthday and distributed ice cream to everyone for free.

Vijay Devarakonda Biography, Age, Career

While he does not like to celebrate his birthday. But in his desire to do something for his fans, he did so.

And just like this, he randomly selected one of his millions of fans and took him with him to the Filmfare Awards.

And all these things make Vijay stand out among his fans and different from other actresses.

After much success in the film industry, Vijay started a production company called King of the Hill.

Regarding this production company, Vijay says that he has started this company to give a chance to new artists who are really talented and they are not getting a chance.

Vijay said that when he started his acting career, he saw many actors who could not come in this field despite being highly talented.

And I want to give the same talented actress and film makers a chance as someone gave me.

Vijay Devarakonda

After the Arjun Reddy movie, almost all of Vijay’s movies have been a frequent hit, including films like Dear Comrade and Geeta Govindam.

Its amazing na Friends, there was a time when Vijay Devarkonda did not have the money to rent his room but in 2019 he was included in the list of Forbes india under 30.

Friends, whether you call it luck or hard work, the truth is that anyone can achieve success.

Friends, in today’s article, we just hope that you have got to know and learn a lot from this story of Vijay Devarakonda’s life.

Thank you very much for your valuable time!

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