[Motivational] Amit Bhadana Biography/Wiki, Age, Family, Career, Education & More

Friends Amit Bhadana, one of India’s biggest and best known Youtubers for his outlandish Dialogues and Desi Style videos.

One of the most well-known dialogues is Hasina Ghori, who has a sack of passion kept at home.

Amit Bana is known for many such Dialogues, and similar Desi Rhyming-filled Dialogues make Amit Bana different and special from other Viners.

Started by dubbing, Amit Bhana’s career will touch such heights, Amit Bhadana himself did not even think.

Today Amit Bhadana’s Fans are not only limited to any one state but are seen all over the country and the world.

Although his videos are in Hindi language, some foreigners who understand Hindi language also like to watch Amit Badaan’s videos.

Friends, in today’s article, we will know the journey of Amit Bhadana struggle to success. This is an complete Amit Bhadana Biography.

Friends, the story started, on 7 September 1994 when Amit Bana was born in Bulandshahr, UP to Narendra Bharna and Munish ji’s house.

By the way, Amit is a resident of Bulandshahr. But he was only 4 years old when. He shifted to Delhi with his family and uncle, aunt because of his father’s business of transport.

Because of which he did his schooling and college from Delhi itself. He completed his early education from a school in Yamuna Vihar.

Amit Bounding was very good from childhood, but he did not have much interest in studies, he liked to make people laugh but his family members wanted him to become a lawyer.

After completing his schooling and graduation, he also started studying law. Amit was a bully from his childhood.

So when his college first Semester vacation started, he dubbed a video for Fun from his phone into his voice and put it on his Facebook profile.

He did not think that people would like it very much.

After some time, when he opened his Facebook profile again, there were many good comments and a lot of likes on that video.

Amit was very happy to see this and showed it to his friends.

His friends also encouraged him and told him that he should make more such videos.

Admitting to his friends, he made some more videos and put them on his Facebook page.

After that, whenever he found time, he used to put videos on his Facebook page.

Gradually some of his videos went viral and one of them was his video which was dubbing on the dialogue of the border film, it became very viral and got more than 3 million views.

Seeing all these things, Amit was very happy, but he was not satisfied inside, he wanted to make something even bigger.

And this desire brought him to YouTube when a friend of his suggested him to make Vines on YouTube.

Amit Bhadana also liked this suggestion but he was hesitant to include his face in the videos but his friends encouraged him.

So Amit Udhana decided to make Vines videos but before that he watched a lot of Vines videos.

After seeing a lot of videos, he noticed a shortcoming and that was that most of the Vines videos were abusive. And those videos could not be seen sitting with the family

Apart from this, one thing that was bothering him a lot was that no one was making a video on Youtube in a desi style.

Then he decided that he would make Vines videos that could be seen sitting with the family and he would make those videos in his native style.

For this, he chose his Gurjari language and decided to make videos in the same language and made his first video and uploaded it to YouTube as well as on his social media account.

He used the language spoken in his surroundings in his videos, which was well received by the public.

Gradually, the people around him and his family came to know about his work.

Initially his family did not like this thing, he wanted Amit to study and become a good lawyer.

The people around also used to advise Amit that he should focus on his studies and not get caught in these videos.

Those who used to forbid him to make videos, today they want to be photographed with him.

Perhaps this is why this saying is quite popular that people should answer not by words but by their work, which Amit Badahan has proved very well.

Amit says that he faced a lot of difficulties but he paid more attention to his work without paying attention to the things of the people.

In all these situations, Amit Bheena had two options, either he should complete his law studies by obeying his parents or make people laugh by following his passion.

Amit explained to his mother that he loves making such videos and making people laugh.

Amit chose his Passion and started making videos.

Although he did not give up his studies at all, he continued to make videos along with studies, but now he used to devote more time to making videos.

Amit used to handle Script Writing and Video Editing for his videos on his own. His uncle’s boy used to help him in video recording.

friends one more good thing about Amit videos that he tries to give a positive message to the society through his videos with a laughing dose.

By gradually increasing Amit’s videos became very popular and every YouTube video of his growth was seen on his YouTube too.

After some time, when Amit was published in Punjab Kesari newspaper, his family members were convinced that Amit was doing some good work and illuminating his family name.

Friends today, you can guess amit success by the number of his fans, by looking at their YouTube channel Subscribers or by looking at their social media handles.

Friends, Amit Bhadana chose the language of his village Gurjari for his videos which people were hesitant to speak as the language of Gavaro.

The same language made Amit Bhadana different from other Youtubers and helped him to reach this level.

Friends, a lot of records in the name of Amit Bhadana have been made in YouTube history which were never made before today.

Recently Amit Raising has become the first individual Indian YouTube creator who has crossed 15 Million Subscribers.

And second individual YouTube creators who have a diamond play button. While Bhuvan bam is the first one.

Friends, many such records are named after Amit Bhadana in Youtube history, which he has achieved after much struggle and hard work.

Which is appreciated not only by us but the whole of India.

Friends,all we hope is that you will get to know a lot of things related to Amit Badaana’s life through this article.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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