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Someone said that, success comes only to those who have dreams in their dreams and this is proved by today’s most well-known motivational speaker, business coach and business trainer – Dr. Vivek Bindra.

In spite of not being possessed by parents, it is quite a big thing to bend the direction of your life and bring it to this point.

Friends, in this article we will talk about the struggle and success story of Dr. Vivek Bindra how a monk is showing the direction of success to people all over the world today.

Friends story began on 5 April 1978 when Vivek Bindra was born in Lucknow, district of Uttar Pradesh. In chilhood vivket father died when he was only two and a half years old, and after his father’s death, his mother remarried.

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Due to this, Vivek Bindra’s spent most of his time with his grandfather and uncle.

Friends, Dr. Vivek Bindra was very good in studies from the beginning, he was more good in Subjects like Economics and Mathematics.

He completed his MBA from Amity Business College in Noida, Delhi. Dr. Vivek Bindra was very good in studies as well as he also did very well in sports.

He has also told through his many interviews that games played very important role in his life to fight against struggles.

They do not get the strength to fight them. He says that games has contributed greatly to his life in fighting conflict.

In addition, he has told that the word Bounce Back which he uses in many of his videos and seminars, he got this word from games.

He says that he did not have enough money to pay his college fees, due to which he started giving tuition at the age of 16 only.

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He explains that he used to earn very well from tuition, from which he also collected his MBA fees.

If he wanted to then he could also take it as a full time career. But he decided to do something different by not doing so

Friends, there came a time when Dr. Vivek Bindra lived as a monk in Vrindavan for 4 years. When he saw that he did not have any real relatives around him, he had decided that he would spend the life of a monk.

In Vrindavan, serving the people exactly like a monk, wearing a dhoti kurta and sleeping on the ground, he lived the life of a monk perfectly.

A mentally distracted, Vivek Bindra went to find peace of mind in Vrindavan where his guru advised him to read the Gita.

And friends, through his many videos and interviews, he always tries to convey to the people that Geeta is not a religious book, this book does not reflect any religion but it teaches how to live life in that way. .

Also, he always says that knowledge of Gita changed his life. The knowledge of Shri Krishna in the Gita is very much behind his success.

Friends, you will get to see many of his videos, how you can use the knowledge of Gita to grow your business.

Believing his master’s command in Vrindavan, Dr. Vivek Bindra decided to become a businessman. When he came out to be a businessman, he saw a lot of people.

Those who are unable to become businessmen due to lack of education, they decided not to become a businessman and become a business coach and guide those who are not able to succeed in business.

And today we all see Dr. Vivek Bindra as a successful Motivational Speaker, Business Coach, Business Trainer and Entrepreneur.

Friends, Vivek Bindra has told through his interview that when he started his business in the early days, he did not have enough money to afford a high level office.

Due to which he had to clean up even the toilet of his office so that he would be able to give good convenience to his employees.

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He says that he had promised his staff salary on time and once he had to sell his house due to no money.

Facing many such struggles and conquering them, Dr. Vivek Bindra has achieved this position today, which is appreciated not only by every businessman of India but also from all over the world.

 In the year 2013, he started his own channel on YouTube, initially he used to make videos in English language, due to which he could not get any special success.

But after that he decided that he would work only for the traders of India and educate them only.

And then he started making his videos in Hindi and also refused to train companies in other countries.

When he started making videos in Hindi, he got a lot of love from people because every young businessman was able to learn a lot from his videos.

Gradually, his channel started growing very fast and he was not only on Youtube but also on social media like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

And today he has more than 11 million Subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Friends, Dr. Vivek Bindra has made thousands of drowning businesses successful to date, he has given training to big corporates and he has achieved hundreds of achievements.

And recently he has been awarded The Game Chnager of India by The Economics Times.

Friends, all we hope is that through this article you will have got to know and learn a lot from the struggle life of Dr. Vivek Bindra.

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