[Inspirational] Ashish Chanchlani Biography, Age,Education, Career & More

Friends, someone who said it is absolutely right – the harder the struggle is, the greater the victory.

Ashish Chanchalani, one of India’s most well-known Youtubers, has proved this by proving something similar.

Through today’s article, we will try to find out how Ashish Chanchalani achieved this position by following his passion.

Friends story started on 7 December 1993 when Ashish Chanchalani was born in Anil Chanchalani’s house in Ullaspur, Mumbai and his mother’s name is Deepa Chanchalani.

Apart from Ashish, he is survived by his parents and a younger sister Smile.

Ashish’s father Anil Chanchalani who has a multiplex in Mumbai and his mother works as a financial analyst in the same multiplex and his sister Muskan She is also on a popular YouTube.

Friends, if you talk about Ashish Chanchalani, he was very fond of films since childhood, he wanted to become an actor since childhood.

At the same time, he was greatly influenced by Akshay Kumar, due to which he accepted Akshay Kumar as his guru.

But at the same time he was also a Healthy, Shy and a good student, due to being very healthy, he could not get the opportunity to participate in the school program.

Because of this, he never got a chance to show his talent, but one day when he was doing mimicry one of his teachers, he was seen by his other class teacher.

At first Ashish was given the job of a news reporter but later when a student was absent who was attending in the event, the teacher said Ashish to play that student role.

The teacher gave the dialogues to Ashish, but Ashish made his own dialogues without seeing them and displayed them to the people in the program

And all the people praised that thing very much, Ashish was very happy after seeing and hearing all these things.

Gradually, he got a chance to participate in more school functions and he also entertained people a lot with his acting and with Funny style and by the tenth, most of his attention was shifted towards acting.

And after completing tenth class, Ashish told his father that now he does not mind studying at all and he wants to become an actor.

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But Ashish’s father knew well that Acting’s Career is not so easy and without education it becomes even more difficult.

So he explained to Ashish about the importance of education in a very good way and this thing was also understood by Ashish and he decided to pursue his studies, obeying his father.

After that Ashish passed 12th with very good numbers and after that he got admission for Civil Engineering at Datta Meghe College in Navi Mumbai.

In the first few days, Ashish enjoyed a lot in his college, but gradually he started getting bored there, he was much annoyed by this, the teacher only comes on board and writes and goes away.

He could not understand anything because of this, he had become very much frustrated and he again told his father that Papa I am not able to get college.

His father again explained to him and said that if you want to act, you can do those things along with college but don’t leave your studies.

He obeyed his father and learned acting in his college as well as Barry John Acting School and improved his acting skills even more.

During all these things, he watched a 6-second Vine video on his Facebook Feed.

Friends, this 6-second video became the turning point of Ashish Chanchalani’s life.

At first Ashish laughed long after watching that 6 second Vine video. And then he wondered why he could not do this.

And then after that he started making his own video on his social media account.

Initially, he used to post videos to him only on Instagram and Facebook, on which he also got a good response.

At the same time, he joined his college committee and after some time he was made the event head, due to which he hosted a lot of events and got a chance to show his acting talent to the people.

Because of this, Ashish was having much fun in his college life.

After putting the video on Instagram and Facebook for a long time, he thought of coming to YouTube and in 2014, he put his first video on Youtube, Guys, it was amazing that he got a good response on his first video.

Then from then on he continuously uploaded videos and went on to make his place in the hearts of people. Known for his unique and fun content, Ashish Chanchalani is today the first individual YouTube Creator in Maharashtra and India’s fourth to have a Diamond Play button.

Apart from this, he also featured his role model Akshay Kumar inside his video and also interviewed him.

And so far Ashish has featured many big actors in his YouTube videos, which is a matter of great pride.

Friends, though the numbers do not matter so much, but still they reflect your success and in these ways Ashish Chanchalani is much more successful.

If Ashish wanted, he could enjoy a good life by joining in his father’s business.

But he chose the path of his Passion and struggle and his decision led him to this position today.

Friends, all we hope is that you will get to know many things about Ashish Chanchalani from the article.

Thank you very much for your valuable time!