Gaurav Choudhary Biography, Success Story, Age, Family & More

A person who has achieved a position on the strength of his hard work and knowledge, which the world is praising.

Yes, friends, we are talking about India’s number one tech YouTube Gaurav Chaudhary, who people know as Technical Guruji.

And today the results are in front of all of you, to date, Technical Guruji is the second largest Tech Youtuber in the world and the first and largest Tech Youtuber in India with 15.7 million Subscribers.

Although in achieving so many Sucess, Gaurav Chaudhary has faced many things and found that many times people have tried to push him behind by critiquing him but he always enjoys his work.

And friends, in this video of today, we will know that Gaurav Chaudhary, the struggle story of the life of a technical guruji.

Friends story started on 7 May 1991 when Gaurav Chaudhary was born in Ajmer city of Rajasthan.

Gaurav Chaudhary did his early education from Kendriya Vidyalaya. Gaurav was very good in studies from the beginning and always topped his class.

Gaurav was very much focused on studies. And at the same time, he was very much inclined towards gadgets.

And Gaurav saw the computer for the first time at the age of 5 and he became fond of the computer. He insisted and bought a computer by telling his father.

The desire to learn and the passion for the computer inspired Gaurav to always learn something new on the computer and at a very young age Gaurav used to do all the activities on the computer that the children in his class could not even think at that time. .

Gaurav topped the 10th class with the highest number in his school and after that he decided to study in the eleventh class from computer.

And when Gaurav came to know about YouTube, he used to spend a lot of time watching videos on YouTube and learning new things. Most of his focus was on learning technical and electrical things.

All things were going well and in the meantime his brother also set up his business in Dubai.

But in the midst of all these happiness, a bad incident happened which disturbed Gaurav very much, his got father’s accident.

Due to the accident, his father went into a coma due to which all the responsibility of the house fell on Gaurav’s shoulders. But Gaurav made a move without losing the courage and passed his 12th class with very good numbers.

Even after this, Gaurav expressed his desire to study more and decided to do engineering. He completed B.Tech Engineering in Electronics from Rajasthan Technical University according to his interest.

Things had gone quite right to some extent, but at the same time another incident happened which had broken Gaurav very badly this time and that was his father’s death.

Having gone through so many struggles, Gaurav decided to move forward and encouraged himself.

During so many troubles and struggles, Gaurav Chaudhary’s passion and desire for reading and learning did not diminish at all and after completing his degree he thought it more right to study more than to do a job.

And for this he shifted to Dubai with his mother, where his brother’s business was already running.

Thinking of studying further in Dubai, Gaurav thought of doing, for which he joined BITS Pilani Dubai Campus and topped his performance there and became a Gold Medalist.

After that he first thought of doing MBA but then he decided to change his mind and start his business.

And he opened a company, working on the micro-security system, taking the certificate of Dubai Police Security.

The company was running quite well but Gaurav thought to do some more interest simultaneously.

Then he got the idea of ​​YouTube as he was watching videos on YouTube for a long time, then he had a channel called Sharmaji Technical. He liked her video very much.

And the channel’s owner Parwal Sharma was Gaurav Chaudhary’s BTech Super Senior and when Gaurav came to know about this, he thought of meeting Parwal Sharma.

Prawal Sharma, that is, technical Sharma, guided Gaurav Chaudhary to much more about YouTube and explained and that’s how Gaurav Chaudhary made his YouTube channel on 18 October 2015 after learning all these things. .

And on October 20, 2015, its first video technical Guruji Youtube channel was published.

Gaurav Chaudhary also got a lot of help due to the initial push of Sharmaji Technical, he completed thousands of Subscribers within a few days of making the channel and he was able to grow on YouTube very fast.

As of December 2016, Technical Guruji had become India’s number one Tech Youtuber.

And in 2017 10lakh Subscribers and on 14 November 2018 Technical Guruji crossed the milestone of 1crore subscribers.

And with this, Technical Guruji became India’s third Individual Youtube Creator and First Tech Youtuber who has Diamond Play Button.

And friends, the most amazing thing about Technical Guruji is that Gaurav Chaudhary is quite Consistent. And he continuously uploads at least 2 videos of the Daily for the last 3 years.

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