[Mafia Queen] Gangubai Kathiawadi Biography, The Real Story of A Sex Worker

Gangubai Kathiawadi Biography

Courage, they are not less than any Hakim, they give medicines of strength in every problem.

Friends, I am present in front of all of you with one such true and touching story.

Friends is the story of a woman who was forced to do prostitution despite her unwillingness, which her husband sold her for only 500 rupees, but she never gave up.

Yes friends, we are talking about Gangubai who is also known as Mafia Queen and in the coming time you will also see a film based on her story.

However, in this article you will get to know some important facts related to Gangubai and the story of their struggle. We will know what he did that Indian cinema is producing films on him.

This is an complete Gangubai Kathiawadi biography and you can say it’s a synopsis of the coming movie.

Friends, Gangubai, who was also known by the name of Mafia Queen, after hearing the name, it seems that it must have been an old-time don. but it’s not like that.

Yes, his influence was no less than a don. Ganga Harjivandas Kathiawadi was the real name of Gangubai.

Gangubai was born in an influential family in Kathiawadi, Gujarat, the family members of Gangu wanted to study Gangu. But Ganga’s mind was stuck in the Bollywood world.

She also wanted her to act in films and became a famous actress.

Meanwhile, a boy named Lavnik Lal came to her father to work as accounts. He was lived in mumbai for some time.

Knowing this, as Gangu’s dreams started with a feather, they both sat with each other and talked about Mumbai for hours.

Gradually the friendship between them became even more deep and after some time friendship turned into love. Lavnik and Ganga decide to run away from home and get married.

The 16-year-old goofy Ganga took some of her clothes and mother’s jewellery and flew to Mumbai with Lavnik.

And the journey started of Ganga to become Gangubai and the real story of her struggle.

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Ganga’s husband Lavnik sold Ganga to the brothel for ₹ 500. He boarded his wife in a taxi, saying that he would stay with my aunt until he found a new home to live.

Till then, Ganga was unaware that her husband had sold her for ₹ 500.

And Ganga sat in the taxi, trusting her husband, the taxi stopped at Mumbai’s famous Red Light Area, Kamathipur.

But when she got down from the taxi, she started to understand all the things. She shouted very loudly, finally Ganga exhausted and compromised the conditions.

Because Ganga was helpless and she knew very well that she could no longer return home because her family had to face a lot of dishonor as she ran away from her house.

Friends, from there Ganga became Gangubai from Kathiawadi, in a short time people from far and wide used to come to ask about Kamathipura Gangubai, and one of them was Shaukat Khan.

One day he came to Kamathipura asking about Gangubai and he severely scratched Gangubai’s body and went away without paying any money.

After that Shaukat Khan came again and scratched Gangubai’s body like an animal. Some people even tried to stop him but he did not listen to anyone.

And this time the situation got so bad that Gangubai had to be admitted to the hospital.

Gangubai was not broken by these wounds given by Shaukat Khan, but she decided to resist with courage. She was determined to teach Shaukat Khan a lesson.

After searching here and there, Gangubai came to know that Shaukat Khan used to work with the well-known don Karim Lala of that time, due to which he used to show his power on women of red light.

But as soon as Gangubai comes to know that he works with Don Karim Lala, he decides to walk out of the room to find Karim Lala without delay and one day Karim Lala appears to see him passing by.

Gangubai went to Karim Lala crying and told him that I want to talk to you but Karim Lala did not think it was right to talk in the middle road and took Gangubai to his house.

Karim Lala asked Gangubai to sit on the roof of his house and arranged food to be eaten but Gangubai understood that Karim Lala did not want a prostitute to come into his house and that is why he gave any food item Did not even touch hands.

After some time, Karim Lala came to the terrace, he saw that all the food items were kept like this, then Gangubai said that if I come inside your house, your house can get dirty, then I touch your kitchen items. Why should I make him dirty?

Hearing this, Karim Lala was shocked and asked Gangubai what the matter was that Gangubai narrated all his experiences to Karim Lala.

After listening to all the things, Karim Lala said that if Shaukat Khan comes back, send me a message and I will see myself next.

On hearing this, Gangubai took out a thread from his bag and tied it on Karim Lala’s hands and said that till today no one has made me feel so safe, from today you are my Rakhi brother

About 3 weeks later Shaukat Khan again came to Kamathipura to persecute Gangubai. But this time Khabari, who was present on the brothel, went to Karim Lala and brought him with him.

Karim Lala knocked on the door and Shaukat Khan opened the door in a very angry manner but after finding Karim Lala on the door flew to his senses.

Kareem Lala and his two men beat Shaukat Khan so much that he became half dead and roared angrily saying that Gangubai is my Rakhi sister and if anyone even hands it, I will not leave her.

After this, the coin of Gangubai began to freeze in Kamathipura.

After some time, in the house where Gangubai lived, there were elections of the housewife and she won that election.

In the Red Light Area, there was a woman in the house who managed 30, 40 rooms of the building. And above this there was a big housewife, who managed the entire building.

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Gangu won the election of first gharwali and then big gharwali. Everyone knew very well that Gangubai is the sister of Don Karim Lala, because of this no one used to mess with them.

However, Gangubai never misused his power and fought hard for the interest of the sex workers working in the Red Light Area.

He gave a speech in the interest of Sex Workers at Azad Maidan in Mumbai, which he was shocked to hear.

He said in that speech that if the women of Kamathipura are not there, then the streets of Mumbai are not safe for women at all because the prostitution of men suffers the women of Kamathipura whom this society sees with low eyes.

It is said that there was a time when many sex workers of Kamathipura used to put a picture of Gangubai in their room.

They were also called people, Madam of Kamathipura. They never forced girls to stay on the brothel. Gangubai never wanted to stop him from there.

It is also heard that by the sixties, Gangubai’s rise was with the mafia and leaders of Mumbai.

S Hussain Zaidi, who is an author, gets to know all these things from Mafia Queens of Mumbai, a book written by him.

And a film is being made based on this book, named Gangubai Kathiawadi, in which Alia Bhatt will be seen acting as Gangubai.

Friends, all we hope is that you have learned a lot from the life of struggle of Gangubai.

Thank you very much for your valuable time.

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